The mission of the Woodturners of North Texas is to advance the creative pursuit of woodturning through educational programs, practical demonstrations and community service projects. Personal achievement is encouraged through mentoring, design challenges and member participation.

OPEN SHOP for the Woodturners of North Texas

is an ALL DAY EVENT this coming Saturday, May 16th at the regular club meeting place, the Handley-Meadowbrook Lions Club building.

The Handley-Meadowbrook Lions Club building is at 6013 Craig Street, Fort Worth, Texas 76112, about 1.5 miles south of I-30 on I-820 S. exit Craig Street (Exit 30a).

The official time of the session will be from 9:00 AM until 4:00 PM.  If you plan to bring a lathe and/or other items, the doors will open at 8:30 AM.

The purpose of this OPEN SHOP is for the somewhat experienced turners of us to share our knowledge and skill with those who are wanting learn more about various aspects of woodturning.  There will be sharpening, bowl turning, spindle turning and other techniques covered as well as a variety of projects such as toy cars, pepper mills, etc.  Since the Bob Wiggins Challenge for May is a Tooth Pick Holder, you might like to get a head start and pick up some ideas about how to make one like Roger Jones, our April demonstrator.  Roger’s handout material about how he made his project is now on our website. 


SWAP, TRADE, AND SELL anything related to woodturning will be another feature of the event.

WoodWorld plans to have a variety of items available for you to purchase if you need them.


All Mentors should make plans to be at the event whether you bring a lathe or not.

Everyone needs to be at the event whether you are interested in helping others or you would like to learn more about just about any phase of woodturning yourself.  There should be someone to work with you. 

John Horn

817-485-7397 home

817-944-3993 cell

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 Jan 2007  "Turning a Covered Dish" presented by Tom Crosby Hand out



 Three Corner Vessel   Demonstration for Woodturner’s of North Texas by Fred Denke

 Nov 19, 2009  Demonstration Handouts :  Hand out 1               Hand out 2

Pen Turning

Demonstration for Woodturner’s of North Texas by Randy Johnson

October 29, 2009 

Click for Hand Out

 August 2009

Oren Zehner


Hand-out for demo: Click Here

July 2009

Delbert Dowdy


Demo Handout

 March 2009

Metal Spinning

Presented by: Tom Farrell
Reported by: John I. Giem

Tom Farrell

Other Documents


 Stacey Hager

 Topic of "Setting Yourself Up for Success"

 Stacey's Handout:  Click Here



Janice Levi

Topic of "Secrets of Turning Backyard Pin" 

Janice's Handout:  Click Here



Devore Burch

Topic of "Weird Bowls"

A reprint of Devore's Weird Bowl article can be found at this site:



 Oren Zehner of Roanoke

Topic of "How Do I Chuck Thee?  Let Me Count the Ways."


November 2011

John Beasley

"Long Stem Goblets"

John Beasley Handout


Chas Thornhill

"Making Jewelry on the Lathe"
Member WNT since September, 2009

Demo Handout


John Beasley

"Long Stem Goblets"

John Beasley Handout


Chas Thornhill

"Making Jewelry on the Lathe"
Member WNT since September, 2009

Demo Handout




John Horn

Topic - Sharpening Your Tools

  Download handout- PDF Version


Jimmie Arledge

Topic - Vessel In a Box

Photo's of Demo Click Here


Neal Brand

Topic - Lidded Boxes

Click here for Neals Handout

October 2012 

Jim Tanksley

Topic - Large Bowls

Jims Handout Click Here

JUly 2012 

Joel Crabbe

Topic - Enhance Your Turnngs with Copper

Joel's Handout

AY 2012 

Sharon Ayers

Topic: Platters 

 Demo Handout Click Here

Demo Photos Click Here

APRIL 2012 

Demonstrator : Bill Kloepping

Topic : Segmentations/Laminations

Click Here for Handout


Neal Brand

Topic - Lidded Boxes

Click here for Neals Handout


MARCH 2012 

Demonstrator : Jimmie Gill

Topic : Pepper Mills

Here is a copy of Jimmie's Handout.


November 2013 Demo

“Piercing on the Cheap Part II

By Glynn Cox

Click here for Hand out

Pictures of Nov 2013 Meeting


July 2013 Demo

Shop Made Sanding Tools”

By David Hoehns

Demo material-Click Here

Demo Pics Click Here


May 2013 Demo

WNT Bowl Team


Click here for the Handout



The Woodturners of North Texas was organized in the spring of 1988 by Larry Roberts at the insistence of his brother from Austin, S. Gary Roberts. Six people attended the first meeting following a mailing to turners in the area. Among them was Clay Foster. The group met at Larry's house and then for a while in Arlington. The first large influx of members came about following a woodworking show in Dallas where the small group turned twig pots all day on Larry's old Powermatic 90 lathe. After that show where the club signed up about thirty new members, the meetings moved to Paxton's Hardwood in 1989.  Since that time the organization has met in several different locations and now meets at the Handley-Meadowbrook Lions Club in east Fort Worth.

 The Woodturners of North Texas now has 100+ members, not counting spouses and children. The monthly meetings routinely have 75 or more attendees. Past presidents of the chapter include Larry Roberts, Robert Weber, Clay Foster, Bruce May, Nick Silva, Stephen Smith, Gary Sanders, John Horn, Mike Wallace, Paul Tiefel, Stormy Boudreaux and David Marshall. The current president of the Woodturners of North Texas is Glynn Cox.

 The Woodturners of North Texas invite turners from all around the globe as guest demonstrators and instructors to educate, inspire and entertain the membership.  A partial list of woodturners who have conducted demonstrations and taught classes at the club include Rude Osolnik, Richard Raffin, Ray Key, Michael Peterson, Bonnie Klein, Al Stirt, Clay Foster, Frank Sudol, Melvin Firmager, Lyle Jamieson, Stuart Batty, Dick Sing, S. Gary Roberts, James Johnson, Christian Burchard, Alan Lacer, Ron Fleming, Jacques Vesery, Jimmy and Johnny Tolly, Judy Williams, Dave Hout, Joe Millsap, Uel Clanton, Gene Kircus, Chip Taute, Bill Berry, J. Paul Fennel, Steve Worcester, Stacy Hagar, Dave Spurlin, Larry Hancock, Raul Pena, Bob Larson, David Ellsworth, Jean-Francois Escoulan, Trent Bosch, Nick Cook and others including countless demos by WNT club members. Many of these demos were videotaped and the tapes are in our library and available to members for check out.


The following is a link to our By-Laws (By-Laws.doc)






Current Board Members

President Glynn Cox
Vice President Bob Wiggins
Treasurer James Haynes 214-502-9970
Secretary Tom Beatty
Librarian Randy Johnson 817-501-2162
Activities John Horn 817-485-7397

Ron Schiller


Logistics Coordinator Bob Clark 817-304-3318
A/V Coordinator David Walker 972-345-1738
Board Member at Large John Lauderbaugh 817-485-5469