Nov 2015 Demo


Lidded Box

by Kevin Bassett


Demo handouts

Acorn Box Top

Apple Ring Box



IMG 0378 600x800Kevin Robert Bassett 1954 –IMG 0591 600x800


Bachelor of Science Major in Plant Pathology      Colorado State University 1976


Founding Partner of Arborilogical Services, Inc.  1981 – Present


2007 – 1st Place Master’s at Work competition Oklahoma Forest Heritage Museum


           Broken Bow, Oklahoma


I first started working with trees in 1975 as an Arborist. I am an International Society of Arboriculture Certified Arborist, TX -0100 –A. In my profession as an arborist, I noticed abnormalities in the growth and structure of trees and became more and more curious as to why these changes from normal growth would occur. The plant pathology background led me in this direction. The wood lathe seemed to be the idea tool to investigate the internal parts of the tree. Once introduced to the lathe and wood turning techniques the inner artist began to evolve. I am aware that this evolution continues and grows on a daily basis. As an artist, I seek to expose and enhance the incredible beauty of the inner tree. In this pursuit I have discovered that my work with the tree has become a collaboration with nature. While I may choose the shape, form and utility of a particular piece of tree, ultimately the tree and its’ associated organisms have their say and indeed their own voice. This may include fungi, bacteria, insects, parasitic

IMG 0598 600x800

plants as well as the tree itself. I sometimes use color to enhance particular features but I almost always try to stay true to the tree and the medium. I want to viewer to realize that the art originates from a tree and that the life force has been a major factor in creating the work. In this sense, I am only a conduit which allows the tree to speak. I hope you will enjoy our collaborations and that in some small way you hear the quiet voice of trees.


Kevin Bassett


2015 Brought-In Nationally Known Turner

Jimmy Clewes Demo Highlights

April 2015


Jimmy Clewes - Coloering Handout

Bowl Curve

Ogee Simplified

Ogee Simplified 2


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P4180535 800x600P4180537 800x600P4180536 800x600P4180550 800x6002015-04-13 009 800x600

Jimmy Clewes Classes 2015-04-15 001 800x600Jimmy Clewes Classes 2015-04-15 009 800x600Jimmy Clewes Classes 2015-04-15 034Jimmy Clewes Classes 2015-04-15 040 800x600Jimmy Clewes Classes 2015-04-15 041 800x600

Jimmy Clewes Classes 2015-04-15 042 800x600Jimmy Clewes Classes 2015-04-15 043 800x600

Oct 2015 Demo


Pyrography (WoodBurning)

by Janice Levi


Janice Levi, PaJanetlevi1st President of SWAT, will be our guest for the October 29th program about Pyrography 101, anLevi2d will follow up with two days of classes on Pyrography (Woodburning) at the shop of Dr. Jimmie Gill. Janice has been the President of the Gulf Coast Woodturners, the Brazos Valley Woodturners, and SWAT. She has demonstrated

making jewelry last year at SWAT and the WNT. This year her demonstration on Pyrography will open our eyes as to how it can be used to augment the surface decorations we might want to put on our vessels.    



Attendees will learn about the four types of pyrography tools with a demo of each.

They will learn about branding and art burning with demos of each.

They will learn where and how to find patterns and how to put them on wood.

They will learn of the basic burning techniques for the writing tip, skew, and shader.

We will talk about color on wood but it will not be part of the demo.

January 2015 Demo


“Natural-edge/rectangular-edge bowl

By Ken Rodgers


kenrodgers001Ken Rodgers started turning in 1991 and joined WNT almost immediately. Clay Foster and Larry Roberts were my main “go to” guys when I had questions. That was back in the Paxton Lumber store on Berry St era. When we started using video cameras I was involved from day one, both at WNT meetings and Texas Turn or Two (now SWAT). In ’96 a few of us started the Dallas club and for several years I was active in both clubs. A few years ago the drive from east Richardson to Ft Worth in rush hour traffic forced me to cut back my WNT involvement drastically. Now that I am retired and can drive to Ft Worth in the middle of the afternoon I hope to come to the WNT meetings more often. I have done demos at all four area clubs and SWAT. You can see samples of my turnings in my gallery on the DAW Website:


February 2015 Demo


“Open Shop

By John Holderman

 Skew Demo Handout


jmholder demo photoMy father worked in a lumber yard and always helped friends build their houses, fix barns and any odd job that dealt with carpentry. I tagged a long and helped clean up and later helped with the framing and roofing. After High School I joined the Air Force ans spent the next 20 years traveling around the world. I had a few opportunities to build coffee tables and a couple cabinets but my wood working itch was mainly left unscratched.

When I retired I moved to Dallas for my new job. I mainly worked on my house, built cabinets, computer tables ...etc. In 2008 I had a need for a turned piece for one of my projects and had several friends with lathes attempt to make it but was not satisfied with the results. I broke down and bought a midi lathe and a some tools from Harbor Freight and I made the piece I needed.

When my father came out to visit from California we took a class at Woodcraft and we both were hooked on wood turning. I've since made, or attempted to make as many different types of projects as possible including a couple segmented boxes for Beads of Courage, lidded boxes and kitchen utensils. I love pushing my limits and learning new skills. This candy dish is my latest attempt to expand my understand of the craft.