Nov 2015 Demo


Lidded Box

by Kevin Bassett


Demo handouts

Acorn Box Top

Apple Ring Box



IMG 0378 600x800Kevin Robert Bassett 1954 –IMG 0591 600x800


Bachelor of Science Major in Plant Pathology      Colorado State University 1976


Founding Partner of Arborilogical Services, Inc.  1981 – Present


2007 – 1st Place Master’s at Work competition Oklahoma Forest Heritage Museum


           Broken Bow, Oklahoma


I first started working with trees in 1975 as an Arborist. I am an International Society of Arboriculture Certified Arborist, TX -0100 –A. In my profession as an arborist, I noticed abnormalities in the growth and structure of trees and became more and more curious as to why these changes from normal growth would occur. The plant pathology background led me in this direction. The wood lathe seemed to be the idea tool to investigate the internal parts of the tree. Once introduced to the lathe and wood turning techniques the inner artist began to evolve. I am aware that this evolution continues and grows on a daily basis. As an artist, I seek to expose and enhance the incredible beauty of the inner tree. In this pursuit I have discovered that my work with the tree has become a collaboration with nature. While I may choose the shape, form and utility of a particular piece of tree, ultimately the tree and its’ associated organisms have their say and indeed their own voice. This may include fungi, bacteria, insects, parasitic

IMG 0598 600x800

plants as well as the tree itself. I sometimes use color to enhance particular features but I almost always try to stay true to the tree and the medium. I want to viewer to realize that the art originates from a tree and that the life force has been a major factor in creating the work. In this sense, I am only a conduit which allows the tree to speak. I hope you will enjoy our collaborations and that in some small way you hear the quiet voice of trees.


Kevin Bassett



2015 Programs   Subject Demonstrator
January Natural-edge/rectangular-edge bowl Ken Rodgers
 February Open Shop/ Skew Demo John Holderman 

Hemisphere hollow form using the Bosch Visualizer

Steve Worcester 
 April  Woodturning Fundamentals and a Toothpick Holder Roger Jones
  Yearly Professional Demo Jimmy Clews
 May  Anything Is Possible, One Stroke At A Time Suzanne McNeill 
 June Natural Edged Bowl Larry Roberts
July End Grained Bowl Jim Tanksley
August  Something Fishy Jimmie Arledge
Sept Christmas Ornaments Gary Sanders

October 29,30,31

29th only

Pyrography demo

Open Shop

Janice Levi
 Nov 19 Lidded Box and Acorn Box Kevin Bassett

December 12

  Christmas Dinner


Sept 2014 Demo


“Christmas Trees

by Gary Sanders


   Gary Sanders

 garysanders 2 garysanders 1I have worked with wood since I was a teenager. In 1992 I bought my first lathe and starting to turn as a hobby.

In 1994 I decided to devote my free time to turning. I retired from the Greenville Fire dept in 2012.


  My demo will be on Christmas tree ornaments. I will talk about the woods I like to use. The style I like. Sanding and finishing.Sanders demo pic



August 2015 Demo


“Something Fishy

 Jimmy Arledge


Something Fishy . . .


I’m sharing this project that I learned from Michael Hosaluk in a class he taught in my shop in Richardson. The skills practiced in this project include spindle turning, hollowing, surface decoration, and your imagination.


Background: Jimmie Arledge got hooked on woodturning in the early 1990s becoming a member of Woodturners of North Texas where his mentor and best teacher was Larry Roberts. They became good friends, and Jimmie had the pleasure of being Larry’s demo helper at some Texas club meetings.


He served on the Woodturners of North Texas Board and as Vice President before becoming a charter member of Dallas Area Woodturners and holding office there. While enjoying membership in both clubs, he began attending classes at John Campbell’s school in NC, David Ellsworth’s school in PA, the Center for Furniture Craftsmen in ME, and Arrowmont in TN, where he also had the privilege of being Clay Foster’s teaching assistant on several occasions.


He continues to enjoy and learn from classes with national turners who come to the area, as well as by attending and participating in the annual national symposium of the American Association of Woodturners (AAW) where he has been a member since 1992. He also attends annually SWAT (Southwest Association of Turners), formally Texas Turn or Two.


Best Recommendation: Jimmie believes in the merits and advantages of membership & participation in both AAW and SWAT. He appreciates the people he meets, the demos he attends, and the many woodturnings he sees displayed in the instant galleries.


Thanking you for your interest in this demo,


Jimmie Arledge


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





July 2015 Demo


“SWAT Demo - End Grained Bowls

 Jim Tanksley- Mansfield Texas

tanksley1tanksley2Jim has been a member of the Wood Turners of North Texas since 2005. He has demonstrated several times over the years, last year’s demo was Christmas Trees and Snow Men. This month Jim will be demonstrating turning an end grained bowl with natural edge wings. He turns several versions of this bowl with flat, weeping or concave wings. Jim will use a roughing gouge, several bowl gouges, various scrappers, some hollowing tools, a beading tool, and an Easy Woods detailer. He will start out using a face plate and turn the bottom of the bowl to accept a Vickmarc chuck with dove tail jaws.

Once the bowl is turned he will remove it from the chuck and reverse chuck it using Alan Lacers jig. It should be a lot of fun and Jim welcomes questions while he is turning. He plans on bringing several blanks and will turn as large of a bowl as the clubs Jet 1642 Lathe will turn without vibrating too much. If you plan on turning this type of bowl at home Jim suggest weighting down your lath with sand bags to reduce vibration.