February 2016 Demo


“Abstract Scab Bowls

By Paul Coppinger

IMG 0555IMG 0807Woodturners love to turn burlwood because of its beautiful grain.  Unfortunately burls can be very expensive.   An alternative is utilizing tree scabs which occur when a tree loses a limb and then grows a scab over the wound to seal and protect. These scabs have very wild grain and occasionally burl. This demonstration will discuss several methods for mounting using either a screw drive or faceplate and how to reverse chuck utilizing a tenon or recession to produce a unique bowl.IMG 0799



January 2016 Demo


“Walking Cane

By Fred Denke


    DSCN1486 croppedOur January demonstrator is Fred Denke. a retired engineer who spent 42 years in the aircraft industry. After retiring on January 1,1999 in a effort to fill his leisure time he purchased a wood turning lathe and has enjoyed the hobby or craft, whichever you prefer.    
This month Fred will tell the story of his walking cane and how he developed a technique for constructing a 31-inch walking cane using a Jet Mini lathe
    Only a few tools are required for this project, it is a cross between using a pen mandrel and conventional spindle turning.  The end product can be simple or if you are an experienced turner of beads and coves they can be added to the cane.  This demo will only show a simple cane without beads or coves..