2017 Programs     


January 26

George Freeman on “What You Never Knew About Wood”

and Dr. John Blatman  on  “Wood Toxicity – Cause and Cure”  
February 23  Cheryl Darrow Metal Effects
March 30    
April 20 Harlen Butt  Metal Spinning
May 25

Alan Trout

CA Finish On Bowls & Vessels
Jun 29

Robert Edwards

Basic Fundamentals 
July 27 Drew Shelton Making a Femisphere
August 31

Neal Brand

Marketing Your Turnings
September 28

Cheryl Darrow

Classes- Ver-Day Surface
October 26

Charley Phillips

Embellishing Beaded Christmas Ornaments
November 30

Open Shop - Come early.

Chris Morgan

 Finishing - Chris, John Solberg & PeteTkacs
December 9 Christmas Banquet  

Nov 2017

 Finishing - Chris, John Solberg & PeteTkacs

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“We will have 3 presenters talking about wood finishing. Chris Morgan will start out by giving a comprehensive overview of finishing options. He will talk about the solvents for the various types of finishes and the properties of these finishes, like durability, safety, and speed of application. He will bring his collection of finishes and show a number of options to choose from. Also, you will finally learn about the difference between shellac, lacquer, and varnish. The second presenter is John Solberg. John has done some testing on various finishes you will find interesting. How is one finish more or less durable than another; is one type of finish more susceptible to damage than another. John will show the results of his experimentation. And, finally, Peter Tkacs will demonstrate the Beall buffing system and why he likes it as a final step in putting a perfect finish on his turned objects.”

Sept 2017

Remote Demo - Hollowing

Lyle Jamieson

June 2017

Turning Fundamentals

Bob Edwards


BobedwardsBob Edwards has been turning for what seems like forever. Living with a talented and creative wife he searched for an outlet of his own. Nothing seemed to satisfy until he discovered Woodturning. That was over 40 years ago and his enthusiasm has never dwindled. Not having the patience for pen making or segmented work he is content with just about anything else.

Bob's been a member of the AAW sense it's inception with a member number of 1210. Bob will turn just about anything that will stay together while turning but his favorite material is Mesquite.
Bob loves to travel and when he does he takes along some Mesquite to trade with turners along the way. He enjoys teaching and demonstrating to others but has a rather different approach. Rather than demonstrating how to turn one object he prefers to show how to use the tools to create your own forms.

His demonstrations are light hearted as he will sometimes deliberately make a mistake to illustrate a point. Bob encourages participation and discussion during his demos, it's like group therapy. He often learns as much from his audience as they do from him.

July 2017


Drew Shelton

Hand out

image001image002I got into woodworking intending to make furniture.  I had no interest at all in trying woodturning.  A fellow woodworker at my office signed up for a penturning class at Woodcraft and talked me into taking it with him.  I was instantly hooked.  Soon afterwards I bought my first lathe, which was in 2000, and started cranking out pens.  I took a bowl turning class at Woodcraft where there was a last-minute substitute instructor - Gary Roberts.  He told the class about the Central Texas Woodturners Association and the AAW, though he did not say he was instrumental in starting both.  He had some copies of his book with him, which made me realize there was a whole universe of possibilities I knew nothing about.  I had to buy one.  While I have made a few pieces of furniture since that time, my main focus has been turning

I have held multiple positions within the CTWA, including president.