WNTX Knowledge Base

The WNTX Knowledge Base contains collected demonstration handouts from as far back as 2008


Title Demonstrator
1 Turning a 3 Winged Vessel  
2 Turning an acorn box  Kevin Bassett
3 All about boxes  Paul Tiefel
4 And, at the end, Photographing Turnings   Marty Kaminsky
5 Bandsaw Circle Jig   South Auckland Woodturners Guild
6 Common and Specialty Chucks for use on the Wood Lathe  
7 End Grain Box Demo Handout  Neal Brand
8 Principles Of Turning  Stacey W. Hager
9 How to Make Pens and Pencils  
10 In the Beginning Round is Good  Marty Kaminsky
11 Inlaying Fluted Turnings  Buddy Compton
12 Enhance Your Turnings with Copper  Joel Crabbe
13 Making Laminated Turning Blanks Bill Kloepping
14 Log To Turning  
15 Making Jewelry on the Lathe Chas Thornhill
16 Making the Most of Your Mini-Lathe John Horn
17 Metal Spinning Tom Farrell
18 Piercing on the Cheap Glynn Cox
19 Christmas Tree Ornament Sanders
20 Homemade Sanding Tools David Hoehns
21 Tools - Sharpening Cutting Paul Tiefel
22 Sharpening Demo Additional Information  
23 Making Hollowing Tools Dennis Ford
24 How to Not Turn a Bowl Nick Cook
25 Turning Large Bowls Jim Tanksley
26 Turning Antler Delbert Dowdy
27 Choosing the Right Wood for your woodturning project George Freeman
28 Wood Finishes Chris Morgan
29 Christmas Tree Ornaments with long icicles - Part 1 Glynn Cox
30 Christmas Tree Ornaments with long icicles - Part 2 Glynn Cox
31 Steps to a Turned Wood Hat joHannes Michelsen
32 Preparing and Using Ground Pony Beads  Dave Mueller
33  Turning the clamshell box Wayne Furr
34 Turning a Femisphere Drew Shelton
35 Repairing Calabash Bowls  Emiliano Achava
36 Fun with Polygons John Solberg